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Can all my kids jump together?

Due to insurance requirements and the safety of your children, our admission is separated by height: those over 44” and those under 44”. If your party has members of both categories, they will not be able to jump together.

Can I bring my own food and decorations for a party?

We do not allow outside food or drink for but you are welcome to bring cake or cupcakes for your celebration. Ice cream is allowed but we do not have a freezer for storage. You are welcome to bring decorations, as long as they are not taped, hung or nailed to a wall. No confetti is allowed also.

What are you hours of operation?

Our hours vary based on the day and season. Make sure to check under our “Schedule” tab for a more comprehensive list of hours.

Can I fill out a waiver at the door?

Yes, there are waivers available upon arrival.

If I book a party and a child cancels or doesn't show up, will I be charged for the original booking number?

No, we update the party details at the end of the party and only charge for those that end up jumping. It is desired that you "overbook" before hand to ensure you have enough wristbands for your group.

Are there height requirements?

There are no height requirements, but our admission is separated into two categories. We have a “Low Altitude” area to ensure the safety of our smaller jumpers. Everyone under 44” must stay in the Low Altitude area. Only those under 44" and one ADULT Supervising Jumper per Low Altitude jumper are allowed in the Low Altitude area.

What can I wear?

Clothes must be free of hanging zippers, belts, and strings. We ask that you empty your pockets and remove all jewelry prior to jumping. For more detailed safety information, please check out the rest of our website.

Are refreshments available?

Yes, we have a concession stand where you can purchase drinks, pizza, hotdogs, pretzels, and snacks.

Are the rules posted inside of the jumping area?

Yes, there are posters throughout the park with printed rules. There is also a safety video playing that we ask all jumpers to watch.

Is the park closed to the public during birthday parties?

No, Birthday parties occur within our hours of operation, so the park will be open to the public.

Are regular socks okay for jumping?

No, we require all jumpers to wear jump socks. You may bring them from home, or purchase them at the park.

What are Jump Socks?

Jump socks are special socks with a grippy sole on them. Similar to hospital socks, but much more sticky. They are a requirement from our insurance company. We do sell them, but you are welcome to bring your own - previously purchased from Extreme Air, from other previously visited parks, or even hospital socks (that will stay on your feet).

Our Jump Socks are $2.25 - $4, depending on the style you choose!

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, all jumpers and climbers must be under 330 lbs.

Is there an age requirement for the park?

Your child must be 18 months or older to play at the park.

How much does it cost?

Admission is based on height. Those under 44" tall (we refer to as” Low Altitude”) are $8.50/hr and are restricted to the Low Altitude area for safety. Those over 44" tall (High Altitude) are $12.75/hr and have access to the High Altitude area and Ninja Course. Jump socks (grip soled socks) are required. You may bring your own or we sell them for $2.25/pair.

Do adults have to pay to watch their kids?

No. Only those on the trampolines are required to have paid passes. You are always welcome to come watch your children.

Does the waiver expire?

Yes, the waivers expire after one year. You will need to fill out another waiver when yours expires, as we will no longer have it on file.

I'm bringing a group to Extreme Air - how do I get all of the waivers filled out?

For your convenience, we offer an online waiver. Simply have each of your attendee's parent or guardians fill out the online waiver PRIOR TO your scheduled group visit. When you get here, we will have a waiver on file for each of your attendees. The waivers are kept on file and expire after 1 year, so feel free to schedule another visit for your group within that time frame!

Can we start our session at any time?

No, we start new jump sessions on each half hour. Our first session begins at the time we open, and the next begins 30 minutes later. (10am, 10:30am, 11am, 11:30am, etc.)

Does my gift card ever expire?

No! Our Extreme Air gift cards will NEVER expire so you're free to use them whenever you want!