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The Extreme Air staff is here to help ensure that our rules and regulations are followed. Stay in your comfort zone! DO NOT ATTEMPT any activity, flip, jump or trick you don’t think you can handle.

Assumption Of Risk

Participation in trampoline activities is an inherently dangerous recreational activity and involves a level of risk that each participant must evaluate on their own. By using this facility, you are assuming a risk of serious injury or death.

For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by jumping on a trampoline. Expectant mothers should not jump. Maximum weight of jumper is 330 pounds.  Must be at least 18 months old to jump.


WARNING! Catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death may result from failing to follow the rules below and due to inherent risks, sometimes even if all rules are followed.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Clothes must be free of hanging zippers, belts, strings and remove jewelry. Empty pockets and have nothing in mouth (gum, candy or other).

Kids Under 44″ Must Stay In The Low Altitude Area

It’s our policy that kids under 44 inches must stay in the Low Altitude area. One ADULT Supervising Jumper may go in per Low Altitude jumper.

Age Requirement

Your child must be 18 months old to enter the play area. Children under 18 months will not be permitted to play in the jump zones.

Somersaults Not Recommended

Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis or death, even when landing in the middle of the mat. Jumpers must maintain total control of their bodies while jumping.

Dangerous Tricks

Flips and other tricks are dangerous…perform at your own risk only if you have sufficient skill to avoid injury.

Be Alert

Be aware and considerate of those around you. Jump with people that are of similar size.

No Climbing

Do not climb on walls or netting and do not hang on basketball rims.

No Drugs

Do not use a trampoline when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If a representative of Extreme Air feels you are exhibiting characteristics of someone under the influence, you will be asked to leave the property.

No Tobacco Or Tobacco Products

Extreme Air is a tobacco free facility. No tobacco of any kind or vapor products allowed in facility or within 20 feet of any entrance. If tobacco and/or vapor is used within the facility, you may be asked to leave the property.

No Rough-Housing

No tackling, pushing or other activity that may unnecessarily interfere with the jumping or concentration of another participant.

Do Not Double Bounce

Do Not Sit Or Lie On The Court

No Tricks Or Flips Over Safety Pads

No Tricks, Flips, Handstands, etc on walkways (on trampolines only)

No Diving Into the Foam Pit.  No BACK FLIPS into Foam Pit.

As in most recreational sports, participants may be injured. The following are common reasons why trampoline accidents happen.

More Than One Person On The Trampoline

More than one person jumping at the same time can result in serious injuries.

Hitting The Frame

Jumpers should stay in the center of the trampoline when jumping. Injury may result from hitting the frame when control is lost. Do not jump directly onto the safety pad.

Incorrect Transfer From Trampolines To Decking Or Platform Areas

Improper transfer can result in broken ankles or other injuries. Walk from the trampoline to the decking areas.

Inadequate Skill Level

Attempting skills above one’s ability may cause serious injury, paralysis, or death.

Foreign Objects

Jumping with a foreign object can also increase the chances of getting injured. This includes but is not limited to, keys, phones, and cameras.

This is a listing of our general rules. It is not an all-inclusive list, and the rules are subject to change. Please refresh yourself with the rules around our park upon arrival and be sure to watch the safety video. ALL JUMPERS ARE REQUIRED TO WATCH THE SAFETY VIDEO and complete the waiver.